OK so it's Sunday right. Well today I should really be getting any calls due to the fact most cellphone stores are closed. Well post paid customer service got their grubby little hands on our store escaltion number.

What pisses me off is I'm the credit/debt billing department. What about billing says I can fix broken phones or process "pay as you go" cards, or one of my favorites is my inability to give customers their passwords.

These people are a friggen joke. They are so dumb that it's pathetic. They get emails and coachings to NOT use this number due to it being in a trial phase for our STORES for escalated issues.

I get regular payment calls (i was promoted out of that), puk locks, broken phones, pay as you go card issues, and the list can go on... What is wrong with these peoples. It's like being told NO goes in one ear and then goes out the other as fast as it can.

What really gets me is when they try to convince us here in billing that there's a special hidden dept that handles rate plan changes. uh NO!!! WE ONLY PROCESS PAYMENTS WITH CREDIT AND DEBTS CARDS!!! What about that is so flipping hard to understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?

ok, i feel better now.

rant done.
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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