Hi I am a long time gamer that would like to get into hacking. I want to become a white hat in search of information that is not always readily avaiable to people like myself. I am also interested in being able once capable of writing my own programs since one should not rely on those made by others intended for a different purpose. I am not looking to become a black hat(malicious, destructive, etc.) What I would do would simply be to gain intelligence, learn to navigate through networks easier, etc. I know that what i ask has been asked before though the parts of it are scattered and would take extremely long to find all of the answers to especially in a dialect which i understand. So here are my questions, if i could get simple answers to them (as i do not yet understand much that is required) i would be greatful.
So question one: Can i hack from a PC with WinXP(not linux or other opsys)
2. what is the extent of the programming which i must learn, what language must i know and what is the simplest source to learn this.
3. what is the simplest task to rehearse since trying is the best way to learn
4. i know i have mure but i will ask bit later.
Thank you for your patience through my half coherent post and thanks for the replies in advance. Ataris Dream
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