ok gizmo, i have a new comp i built. best of all components, i am running XP will this work and as i say in next part can i run linux off of it as well as XP. Since i lack the funds to buy another comp and i need XP for other purposes. And oops sorry i was under the impression that white hats while most of their hacking is to improve security and exterminate weaknesses they also hacked: in a peaceful undestructive way that was purely to find hidden knowledge. And that blackhat was a wreckless hacker. If there is a name for each time that is correct i would appreciate it if i could be told so that i do not make the same mistake in the future tks.

Im sorry i feel stupid as usual i was used to finding very scattered postings, i just looked at drak's sticky and very nice dude tks for the help though any additional help like yours gizmo is much appreciated and i just remembered another of my prime questions if linux is felt to be a must, is it possible to run multiple opsys's on my comp at the same time, i believe that it is. And i think that i have seen it at my friends house but i dont remember for sure again thanks to all and to gizmo thanks for the speed of that post
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