I haven't been active up until this post, but I have been reading the boards for information for the past few weeks. While reading, I came across a post that explained the dos command "net send." After doing some more research, I have found that the net send command should send it to anyone on the web, but for me, this does not happen. I have gotten a friends IP address, and I tried sending him a message and got the following error "the message alias could not be found on the network." I have read some more posts, but no one has answered this question yet. If anyone knows what is wrong, or possible causes for this let me know.

Update: Bah found the answer, I truly am an ubernewb :p , you need to be logged on to messagenger to recieve messages on XP it seems. Now what I need to know, is will this command work if sent to macs? is there a way to send one if not logged on to messanger or to a computer without messanger?

I also have one other question, this one conerning IP-Tools. I downloaded the program, but for some reason I can't use the NetBIOS command. No matter what address I type in, it comes back saying "cb_lana_num field invalid." Again, any information is appreciated.
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