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The Problem is that if you want a website to look good and professional is it really complicated if not impossible to do it with HTML. I mean come on, do you really think any webmaster still sits there with notepad open and types in codes for how long a colum should be an ****. Hell no, they all use Dreamwaver nowadays. btw, thats the best WYSIWYG prog you can get, jus download it on kazaa.

yeas sure and back when they invented HTML they sure had them wysiwyg editors....YEEEEEEP.....idiot..its those lame "editors" that deprive one of the full functionality of HTML...If something is "impossible" with HTML, then it cant be done with an editor either...yes it might be complex, but it still can be done with HTML. besides, if its that complex, its prolly not HTML at all..prolly php or something..
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