And where do you get off being a constant ass to people Ghost? Jeez, give the kid a break. He didn't ask how to break into anything. He asked how to HACK, which to some of us purists is a very legitimate question. He cleary stated he wasn't interested in cracking, merely being able to manipulate a computer. THAT IS WHAT HACKING IS! And a lot of us here do it on a daily basis. So settle down you power-crazed n00b and go back to your xbox.

Since I'm flaming now... Hey shadow... Would ya quit with the friggin rule spamming? WTF are you? The UGN Security rule narc? Get a life and stop being so anal retentive. Us admins know WTF the rules are. Most of us tend to enforce the Spirit of the rules and not the letter. Stop being such a facist about them.

Now, as for you Private Gears... I must admit, I have some reservation about how to answer your question. I have met a plethora of gamers who decide simply cause they game on their puters that the natural path to follow is in IT. This is sorely not the case as most vidiots just don't have the attention span to sit and read a book on how something works.

in order to manipulate a system you have to completely understand how that system works. Once you know how it works, you can produce unintended behavior by doing things to it that was either not intended, or not expected to produce results other than what it was designed for. The analogy I like to use is that of a mechanic and his car.

A mechanic knows how an engine works; how it's put together, what parts move, what o-ring goes where and what grease certain bearings use. A mechaninc might, for example, look at a certain model of engine and KNOW that if he changes the gap in the sparkplugs he can get 3 more horsepower out of it. That would be what us computer geeks call a "hack".

I guess my point here is that there is no one direction to go, other than up. Pick something, anything, that you find interesting about your puter and then read everything you can find on that subject. Google is your friend. During the course of learning about that you will undoubtably have more questions and more areas of interest to explore.