What I dont understand about spam is this. There are ways around getting around the spam laws by harvesting emails from say lists people subscibe to.

The idea is that if I create email lists where I get peoples permission to send them something, say initially an ezine that I can then share there info with someone. That is one example of a loop where people opt in to get some spam. Then of those peope I can email my message. Ok

Fine and dandy. I am wondering this. With spam being such a huge issue as it is. Do people still "play by the rules"? Or do people say screw the "opt in" example, andsimply purchase or harvest raw email addys and spam away?

I know I get so much spam I have no idea if I signed up for something or not. At least if someone spammed me there message and it wasnt off the wall I wouldn't know I didnt give my permission.

What do you guys think?
Your mind is fine. Reality is what needs adjusting.