Hey Gaerisl,
I am receiving the exact same AIM SPAM from the same website, with much more crude wording, but I'd bet it's from the same Affiliate ID, Jenny. I actually emailed back and forth with Candid Publishing, the owners of the site out of Bedford, NH, and after I provided screen shots and the spammers AIM usernames they are refusing to take action because I won't provide MY screen names! I asked them why they need my SN's and they replied, "We want your screen name so that I can pesonally IM you to see if the problem has been resolved. Either you cooperate with us or we ignore you. It's that simple." And I'm thinking, right, so you can take that one SN out of your list, or what?
This company has also been involved in, and probably still is involved in CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, and I can show proof of that, too, although I admit the latest bombardment has not been linked to that area of their website. Oh, and the way they get away with it, they email and logout. Sometimes they're only online for 20 seconds at a time, sometimes it's a whole minute, but usually not more than that.
As far as resolution, the only things I can think of besides the defacing and all, which I unfortunately am not talented enough to accomplish, would be to contact the Bedford, NH Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, and the New York Times or AP with a story on 11 year olds being solicited to porno sites while they're trying to do their homework online. I'll gladly provide all the contact info I've collected on these spammers to anyone interested.
rigtrash $ comcast dot net