hey, screw you man. I haven't filled out that stupid AIM information listing thing EVER. I don't want some stupid little 13 year old IMing me with A/S/L. Even without this, I still manage to get spammed 3+ times a day with those damn candidclicks messages. I dunno how they get my info, but what I do know is that there's something seriously sketchy goin' on.

This is the last E-Mail I recieved from them:

>Please send in your screen name to me and i'll make SURE that the spam will
>stop. I will also instant message you from my own screen name to make sure
>everything is under control.
>My screen name is "CandidPublishing", please add it to your buddy list.

Someone tell me how giving them my screen name is gonna terminate accounts that spam me! Every time I ask, they just ignore the question. So yea, before you start insulting me about something I haven't done, know the facts.