I would argue with you because I love working with PHP, however I have never writen 1 line of JSP code. So I will simply say what I do know,

JDBC is not as widely supported as ODBC, so there are certain limitations to using JSP to connect to data sources. If you have not come across this I have using crystal reports.

Crystal Reports is a program designed to pull statistical data out of databases to run snazzy reports for managements types.

I took a week long course on this and the data sources it can connect to. All OBDC connections. I asked about using JDBC as I have no love for the empire we call microsoft. No go at that station. However They are woking on supporting it in the next version.

I will not say one is better than the other. I will say I find PHP very powerful and flexible as far as being able to connect to (so far) any data source I have wanted to.

Tell you what Pergesu, can you write up a quick introduction to JSP so I can grasp the basics and maybe get an idea.
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