::scratches head:: What the hell is that all about ???

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Actuallt Le4rner helps newbies a lot,he helped me before, when I needed it...
Learner is a cool guy = ) He helps me when i need help and answers my questiosn = ) Hes a cool guy

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1c3 your in Canada right? Why don't you go to Indigo's or Chapter's, like half the store is about computer's and shit...
lol Ya i been in chapters they do have a SHIT laod of computer books, But i meant in the Library. Our biggest library only has books on Computer Programing thats about it = )
Plus those bugs in chapters are a shitload of money 80-100 dollors = ). Plus i really dont think they have a book about Hacking Webpages. Mabye Security on Webpages or something like that
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