I was pointed to this board at some stage of my infoseeking, about "HACKING", but as i read on, it seems this board has a weird filosofi.
This is no insult of any kind to the makers of this board, but i wonder.

is this all about hacking, or computers in general. and i managed to post a reply where i refered to a site dealing with warez, that was my mistake, cus moments later i got a message from a administrator or whatever that they don`t relate to warez here.
[question] [question] [question] [question]

I dont get it, you discus hacking, port scanning, and telnet and other stuff wich is used in ilegal computer shit.
i guess aproximetly 80-90% of the individuals reading and posting on this board does so to learn how to hack unaouthorized into anothers computer or hotmail account.

But my little reply on warez was totaly unaxeptible.

Forgive me for spelling errors or other shit you don`t like on my post.
i am norwegian you see.
but if you got a sensible reply on your mind plz reply here.
and if you want to flame me or something plz don`t bother to reply at all, it a waste of time isn`t it??
I take pride in being a newbie cus i already know the facts that it`s not about being a little shit head who brags to all his friends about fucking up a random guy`s hotmail account and hacking into someones system and do worthless shit that does no good.
It`s all about info and i wanna be in on it, i wanna learn.