Warez is illegal, in the same sense so is hacking. We are kept online by a very thin thread, as you see our site deals with a little of everything, most questionable.

Where we do discuss pretty much everything, there are certain things that we will not tollerate, one being warez.

If we get shut down it will be due to that one that we let by, so we're a little stern with every one of our rules.

Exploiting hotmails code is idiotic, it's kind of like saying "hey man, i want to fuck your sister, can you hook me up?"...

Warez is illegal, linking to warez is just as bad as hosting it. If we host warez our site will be terminated. Theres your logic.

And flames make you smarter, and give you ground to learn what not to do. It's posts like this that are the waste of time.
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