I dont get it, you discus hacking, port scanning, and telnet and other stuff wich is used in ilegal computer shit.
Like Shinobi said above, none of these things are illegal. How do you figure they are illegal ???

And Hacking is a state if mind, Hacking cab be MANY things, not just breaking into a computer system.

Lets say you tricked someone to giving you $10 extra. Thats Hacking. Lets say you found a way to get in the movies for free, thats hacking also. You finding holes in the system and are exploiting them.

You can't learn hacking. You must know a vast amount of information on technology, you must know the in's and out's of a OS. You cant just click couple of buttons and your done.... You need to know a lot of things before you start hacking.

Papers, Links, can only help teach you the topic, you need to use your own logic, programming skills, or whatever needs to be used to start hacking.

If your learning Hacking just to get some free porn, free movies, or hotmail accounts, i really dont think u should be learning about hacking.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes = (
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