Oh i know telnet is not ilegal, but you can use it in the prosess of an ilegal action.
like hacking in an ilegal sort of way, but don`t get me wrong her people i for one knows that hacking is about so much more but plz "Hacking is a state if mind". plz don`t give me that man what the #### do you mean. what does computer hardware, software, programing and so on got to do with the mind, it`s all mostly fysical shit.

and i don`t see why the warez sites is not shut down if they are ilegal??? they are all out there for all to see, they don`t hide, and the site i for one managed to mention in a post, is by the way not ilegal, they only give out links, to shit.

And Ice you don`t #### know me i couldn`t care less for free porn, and hotmail accounts are free by the way, as far as i know!!!.
and i think all agree that bying a movie, seeing it once (it might even suck major) and trowing it away, is a waste of money, i still bye the movies i realy know i will like.

I don`t know what goes on in your mind ice, sorry for saying this but it has to come, tricking someone for his 10 dollar bill, is a scam, fraud, stealing or lying. not hacking.
you can only hack with a computer and an internett conection.
I take pride in being a newbie cus i already know the facts that it`s not about being a little shit head who brags to all his friends about fucking up a random guy`s hotmail account and hacking into someones system and do worthless shit that does no good.
It`s all about info and i wanna be in on it, i wanna learn.