well i see what you mean, i touch it a little and trowed it away!!!.
Im sorry but i couldn`t agree less with some of what your saying.

But im not into ilegal shit, i just want`t to know how to hack, and even try it out sometime on an authorized sort of way.

And i think you blow the hole hacking ting out of porportion. Think a little....., it`s just hacking, not a religion, it`s just a thing you do.

Agreed thats is sorta scamming, but you use a skill called Social Engineering. Social Engineering plays a big part in hacking.
Thats right sosial engineering plays a big part in hacking, but that statement is just stupid it`s like saying typing is hacking, cus the hacker types when hes hacking.
So you should get your shit straight.

I belive all the people on this site braging about not being newbie, even flaming newbies all day long is breaking a lot of the hacker ethics, cus hackers don`t talk about what they do, they hold it for them self, but you people sitt here 24/7 discusing it with all the folks around the globe.

If your so good hacker the lot of you, why the hell do you sitt on this board all day, go and hack something or program something read a book, whatever, when or if i become a hacker, i whouldn`t care less about some stupid board.
I whould explore the world of computers and other hacking related shit.
I take pride in being a newbie cus i already know the facts that it`s not about being a little shit head who brags to all his friends about fucking up a random guy`s hotmail account and hacking into someones system and do worthless shit that does no good.
It`s all about info and i wanna be in on it, i wanna learn.