About hacking, can't a burger flipper become a burger hacker if has advanced knowledge of physic and how the buger is going to fall off the flipper when he tilts the grease coated surface to allow the burger to flip and not just fall on it's side? Wouldn't it be the same to say a master chef is a hacker of food, knowing how all ingredients taste when combined and how to achieve a certain taste. Couldn't a mechanic be a hacker if he knew the physics of how a car worked, and was able to create parts, rebuild anything. Or is it safe to say that the term hacker is something that has only come into the dictionary in the comuter age? I like computers, my only talent is computers. if I want to be able to have the "good life" don't I need to be a "hacker" of my field, computers? I don't really care about getting access to MS's site, I don't care about who owes the IRS what. All I care about is computers, technology, 1's and 0's...and the ocasional "sin tax". I guess I'll call it a day, I'm going to be sitting for 5 hours in a car and ym computer chair is one of thes metal foldable ones, although slightly thicker :p , bam-bam biggalo uses to smash the hulk with...wcw, back in the day.