hah! That's exactly why I don't make hacking a hobby. There's little reason to do it! At first it was just the coolness aspect. What you don't understand fascinates you sort of thing. The other coolness aspect is the power effect. People want to feel powerful. So, even well-intentioned "good" hackers may learn to hack simply cause it's complex and therefor a challenge, fun for that same reason, and gives ya a rush when you start doing wicked things. Just little things, like you would associate with white lies.

Some do move on to make a profession with it. I've known guys who's hacked for money. Those are the kinds of people where power plays a huge role, and a good challenge.

Some fall away cause it's too much trouble, they don't have the patience to learn. Some fall away after they've learned enough that they lose the fascination aspect since they now understand what hacking is all about, and therefor grow bored. Some may fall away from the same reason, but also realize that there's no purpose in it, no point. It's just a game. And people of that type value other things more than games.

Like me, when comparing it to programming.

So in my perspective, there's very rare occasion where I would even WANT to hack anything, cause it's rare that such techniques are needed. Programming is much cooler. IMO it's far more complex, and therefor holds more fascination for me. Not to mention it's incredibly useful.
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