I said commonly, I didn't say all. I personally am a quite busy person, I bairly have time to myself as is.

You need to have school degree's, if you ever saw my resume you'd see a long list of skills, but without any certificates its quite worthless.

Businesses seem to like to think that education is built on degrees as opposed to what one can learn on their own.

If you go and look at the curent pricing for differant degree programs you'll see that they get quite high. The more you ahve the better chance you have at differant places (MCSE, A+, Cisco, Server 2, etc).

Paragon, perhaps you should think and read before you get all anal retentive about something that I state?

Most of the hackers that I know hack when they don't have anything better to do, it is when they have the time to do everything. And I'd never call you a hacker, no offense but you couldn't hack your way out of a paper bag.

Good luck on that $100,000 a year, you do realise that working up to that will take quite the bit of time. Bu the time that you get the work experiance equal to make that much you'll be 50, funny how retirement runs about 60.
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