I know you said 'commonly' I was just making sure he doesn't get the wrong idea. I wasn't being anal retentive. My comment was directed at the guy who started the thread, not you.
I'm getting certifications. I've done my studies for several at college, and I'm heading towards a CCIE Security certification. With that, the average salary is around $115,000 a year. So I know what you're saying. I know it takes time, and you need experience. I plan to get it. Considering I've only been into computers for a couple years, I think I'm doing alright.
Can't hack my way out of a paper bag? WFT? You don't know how much I know or what I know about.
You'd never call me a hacker? I don't know that you even know what a hacker is. I was a hacker before I ever touched a computer.