There are three kinds of hackers...the white hats-jedi knights Gray hats-punk kids Black hats-the crackers who many people think are the only kind of hacker

Computers are the future as well as power, the more you know about them the better of course the best job in my opinion is the security consultant. You can get megamoney as a hacker working to protect systems from hackers. Thats about how it works. Being a good hacker is quite hard to do it's mostly time consuming and problem solving. Programming is more fun than hacking a system and like SR said there is very little occasion where you should hack someone. could you get your x-wife back? of course, i have two main interests computers and martial arts i dont intend to hack anyone, and i dont intend to kill anyone with my bare hands but its always good to know that you can i guess its a power trip
Just because I dont care doesn't mean that I don't understand.
-Homer Simpson