A hack used to be a short script added to a program back in the early days of modern computers. A hacker used to be the person who coded it. The meaning has changed a bit but not really. You still have to know how to code in many languages to be worthy of the title hacker.

When I think of hacker I do not think of Hollywoods version of a hacker. That is a cracker or script kiddy in my opinion... Hackers can of course break into secure systems but that is not all they do.

To me a hacker is the cream of the crop in the computer world. The speacial forces of cyberspace if you will. Everyone wishes they knew what a "hacker" knows. But few take the journey or do the work. I myself do not consider myself a hacker. I look up to hackers and consider myself a n00b in thier shadow. A hacker in my view is not malious by nature, (though I would not recomend crossing them)

Masters in many skills

Social Engineering
buffer over flows lol
Master of all OS's
master phreaker
and the list goes on.

Wana get there? First love computers and make them your full time hobby. Other wise download a few trojan packages and go from there.

It is a long hard road and half way there when people do call you a hacker is when you realise you don't know shit and you don't even care about the hacker status anymore. From then out it is a quest to learn it ALLLLLLL
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