/me grumbles over what ? said

90% eh?

I feel that a lot of us ARE being real. You'd be surprised at the REAL ethics some of these guys hold. And the ones who don't exhibit such ethics don't pretend to have them. I've argued with some of them on the finer points of ethics - some more some less ethical than I am.

As for you, you are 1 of two types of people. Either you're new to this site and making gross assumptions based upon nothing but general experience and actually know absolutely nothing of what you're talking about. Or you're an older member hiding behind a new nick.

Some of these guys don't hack, and don't want to ever hack. They just visit for their area of expertise like hardware. Yeah, that's an excellent example. Lots of these guys know hardware and build computers and stuff - but don't know or care one flip about hacking. They just hang out to have fun and knock information and news around.

I don't consider this site to be a 'group' where all share and pursue a common interest. This is a community with many varying types of people, and any stereotypical remark would not hold true to even half of the members.

/me sits down and folds his hands quietly looking at ? impassively
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