wow SR, you always surprise me, hehe. actaully I got a new comp and lost my password an the old email address too so thats wy I gotta new nick, an I'm not tryin to hide, anyon thats checks my profiles knows who I am.

I did say 90% didn't I, thats cause I know some people, like you, actually love to learn and programm and do have ethics. I'm jus not one of em an over the last 2 years I've realized a lot of other aren't either. not jus here on UGN Security, but on boards an chatrooms everywhere.

The thing that ticks me off is that everyone wants to act like they're good and that they'e in it for the love of knowledge and all that. I used to be like that too, trying to fit in with the crowd, tryin to live by the hacker manifesto. but then I realized that the only ethics I actually live by are the ones the suite me. It's kinda like religion, people are in it to go to heaven. but when it comes down to not commiting sins all of the sudden they forget about religion. bu they still wear the cross around they're chest. I'm not just talkin bout christians, it's every religion.

I want to aviod becoming one of those people. living my life differently because I'm scard I won't be accepted or something.

I'm not saying hacker ethics are bad and that I don't love learning or something. I still sit in front of my comp 10 hours in a row tryin to figure what that latest exploit does. I still enjoy learing about TCP/IP and all the details. I still lvoe playin with linux and all that.

Here is what I'm trying to say. Be yourself, don't do something beause someone else says it's the right thing to do, do it because it feels like it's the right thing to do.

Which brings me back to this post. If you wanna be a hacker and you say you're looking for a reason to hack you're contradicting yourself. think about it.

well, thats all I gotta say.