i kind of agree with what ? said

If you wanna be a hacker and you say you're looking for a reason to hack you're contradicting yourself. think about it.

why am i here? common interests for one. there is alot going on here not just hacking. as i type this im setting up my 3rd box this week. i pop in to read to try to help and mainly to learn. ther eis alot to learn out there so its always good to follow your interests it shouldnt be because you want to fit in it should be because it interests you and its what you want to do. just let things flow and it will click.

personally im into the security end of things. it takes a thief to catch a thief ya know? if i see whats out here i know how to protect my own puters. i only have a small home lan but still i have alot of time tied up here to come home one day and find things skewered.

i dunno building boxes and exploring OSes learning to program etc etc etc its just a natural interest. thats the way it should be IMHO>