i think i came here about 4years ago after getting the link to the site from my first "Learn how to hack program" i think the program was wrttin by someone called black beard ro red bread or some sh*t like that.

Any i came here an ask that question an most of the replys where never to ask but learn on your own. An that is what i did, now i have several computers that i can access remotley.

what u need to do is read read read, try to read as many text file as your hard drive will let you. an if u have too go an buy books on TCP/IP,and programming.

another thing is u don't wanna do is go around braggin about your fuc*ing hacking skills, that is just fuc*ing lame. Just keep quite an talk to fellow circumventers of computers.

an one more thing don't do anything stupid, like DOS attacks on yahoo or MSN, just to show off. i might wanna check my freaking email one day.

an that is about it.
"if murder makes me richer than i'll be a killer"