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And somebody's gotta be drunk or stupid to type in promodtecnologies at the registar
Listen fuckers!!! This was my first site, first domain purchase. It was for a car club, not a band. They were all driving rice burners and spelled it this way because another club had it spelled correct in some other state or some shit. The club fell apart. I still had the site and the hosting so I created RRFN which was a sub domian to promodtecnologies. I tryed several times to register RRFN but it is owned by some farming hicks "Red River Farm Network" or some such shit. While RRFN was around it was pretty cool.

It was a good community and a decent fall back once Optix lost his mind and started baning every one who questioned he awsome authority *snickers*.

It held much of the UGN community together when many more might have drifted never to return. It gave us a few new people as well. Pergesu being one of which. I still miss Pig though. he knew his *nix.
You know I loved RRFN. And I love you too spanky