I just d/l-ed a sniffer, and must say I am having alot of fun with it on my ethernet network.
I understand, if it's routed, the beginning of the packet is the source MAC to dst MAC with is the next router to
get to the desired dest IP specified.
ok now, how does it work on the internet, with ppl who don't have a network card, or who connect to the net with a modem for example.
What is the source MAC?? is it that 45-44-00-00 or smtg ...corespondance i get while scanning winBOXes...
And do we broadcast? Does everyone on the subnet use FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF destination or use the network's router MAC@??

And how would one go about sniffing on smtg else than ethernet? (Modem OR serial??(my fone connects to my laptop thru serial and uses its own modem to connect anyone ever tried sniffing there...?)