I don't think I was clear with my last post. Let me see if I can be more clear. When you write a program how do you do it? Is DOS the most compatable way to write a program? I have an MASM32 compiler but don't I want to write in Dos first and then compile it? If you were to write a program in C++ How would you start? Could you start it in DOS? If you could, can you show me how you would do it and could you also indicate how you would space your lines for each part of the program? You don't just type this: program new;#include("stdlib.hhf");begin new; stdout.put("start new program",nl);end new; Don't worry about what the program is, if I wrote that as one line what would happen? Would it seperate itself into the: start/header/body/end ? Spacing appears to be the same for most languages. I would assume that the program will not work if the format is incorrect. Can you give me a sample of how you would write a small program in DOS and how you would go about each step? I hope this makes my question more clear. If you could would you also give an example of how you would write one in a compiler (Assembly MASM32 or C++) if you could. Thanx intrigued