DaMaRiS man we can't explain you the same things twice, read my post above, it explains a lot... but if you want, ok than i'll try to help you as much as i know, but man you need to know something, you have to read at least 20.000 books to become a hacker, it's not easy as you think. Coz only if you got access to someone's comp that doesn't mean you're a hacker now... hackers don't do only bad things as most of the people things, there are differetn types of hackers if you didn't know.. white hat, black hat, grey hat...

Listen i suggest you read a very very very good and maybe most important tutorial or how to call it ever released, you can find this file at the UGN Security kbase i think, if not than try the fbase, i'm sure it's there coz i saw it, you just search for it. the file is called

The Conscience of a Hacker - by The Mentor

oh wait i'll give you the full link to it...


so make sure you download it and read it.

P.S. Wargames are already explained to you, well i agree with BS, you CAN'T get in trouble hacking it, because that's just why they're made, to get hacked hehe.

see ya
+^Born Intelligence