hmmm, i cant believe im actually responding to this topic. first off, black^pimp, to get an IP in IRC all u have to do is type /dns (nickname).
second, (Person-asking question) you may want to acutally learn about the basics of computers and the internet and such things, perhaps what "IP" means, before u start trying to "hack" things.
Computers just dont have "hacking ports" u connect to and start deleting things and what not.
Ports are open because of software programs. These programs may have flaws that it is possible to exploit in order to do some "hacking". But you probably dont even know what a port is.
so....i will now bequeath you with the secret to h4ck1ng th3 pl4n3t: Google
Please use it wisely. Try searching for "wargame" if u have any further questions about locating one.

ohh whoops, im supposed to be nice to n00bs...