anonymizer is l33t for that:D

"?" threw me off:) making me laugh to hard heh, all yea, were talking about spoofing here. I think your best bet would be mac address stealing, and multi proxy use. Chain them, like remote bouncing. The farther on ip range sets, and country wise. Both, the better. Yet, today, if your doing STUPID shit, the real kind, have 500+ behind you, unless you have something auto sweeping, and cleaning logs/caches on a deep level your gonna get into trouble.

Jon basically said that. There's alot of ways to fraud an address, or hide. But if your wanting to be found, by doing stupid shit, it's not gonna be hard. Esp for the skilled. If you are doing something wrong, like jon said. You should be on like a coupler on a payphone dialed up to an accout that's not yours, remote bouncing through about 50 shells, 3-10 internal terminals, and then out through 10-20 proxies/botnet parts. But then, unless you pick high end connections, it's gonna take like a minute for about 50-200k to tranfer:D Quick in, out. Though there are many ways to even the weight of connection strength, and anonymity so as to procure effects.

Either way I neither suggest, nor does UGN Security you follow said info, or attempt to hold anyone of this site responsible for your actions. As they are your own, and this is just for informational purposes.
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