If tutorials aren't your way to go then the easiest way I found is to get a SMALL program along with is sourcecode, (not hard to find, remember google is your friend, but you have to have an amount of patience it look around. Its not just going to jump out and say I AM YOUR ANSWER!)

Look at the program, use it every option that you can. Then look at the souce code, and things will start to jump out at you. Then after you actully see a finished product, you can go to the tutorials and have a better understanding since you've already seen it.

Also, if you are looking through code and cannot even fathom what that lines use is. Search for it such as the question in the php thread. If you don't know what "$!CMD" search google for Php $!CMD and I bet you'll atleast get some insight as to what it does.

And you do always have the option of asking us, however the only thing that will make us angry and not help you is if you do not first try to help yourself.

So if you still are oblivious to C/C++ then try what I suggested and see if that helps.

Last thing. If you really want to learn DO NOT GIVE UP. The only way to learn is to keep doing it over and over and over and reem it into your brain.
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