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#24008 - 09/16/02 05:19 PM Is it just me...
Gremelin Offline

Community Owner

Registered: 02/28/02
Posts: 7193
Loc: Portland, OR; USA
Is it just me, or are people getting more idiotic? Not just on UGN Security, but like in the world especially... I mean when I was little shit was never this bad... Just shows you that shit only gets worse as you grow up.
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#24009 - 09/16/02 05:39 PM Re: Is it just me...
ohfuk Offline
UGN Supporter

Registered: 08/31/02
Posts: 274
we're all getting dumber. as population goes up, inteligence goes down because people used to have to be smart to survive but darwins therory is neglected because stupid people are now kept alive by other stupid people. only a few stand out.

#24010 - 09/16/02 07:27 PM Re: Is it just me...
Cold Sunn Offline

Registered: 03/03/02
Posts: 574
Loc: us
I think that the range of stupid and smart people is getting bigger. I think one day there will be alot less middle, and a big gap between smart and stupid people. Because of all our "advancements," things get easier and easier so we don't even have to know how to cook anymore, just 3 steps and you are eating, or fastfood. I do talk alot about how I hate being taught all this crap in school, but i don't think we should only know as much as we need. I like to learn things, and figure stuff out, but only things interesting to me. Like Chuck Palahniuk said someone else said, if no one knew how to make bread except the bread companies, then they could sell it for whatever they want, because they are the only ones that can make it. Another problem is that being more and more ignorant is more and more acceptable, and often intelligence isn't encouraged as much. There are bunch of kids at my school that act alot stupider than they are. But yes, definately...dumber and dumber.

#24011 - 09/17/02 05:45 AM Re: Is it just me...
SilentRage Offline
DollarDNS Owner

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 1273
Loc: OH, USA
lol, ok people, we need to know what 'stupid' means. ohfuk and I think of it as intelligence quotient (IQ). Cold Sunn thinks of it as the amount of knowledge you have.

Gizmo's talking about lack of common sense.
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#24012 - 09/17/02 09:15 AM Re: Is it just me...
sinetific Offline

Registered: 03/02/02
Posts: 815
Loc: Ann Arbor
Maybe when you were younger you weren't as smart so everyone else seemed more intelligent. So, it's not the fact that people are getting dumber you just became smarter than the average bear, Yogi. This in turn makes it look like people are becoming dumber. Although on the other hand I must agree that technology does make people lazier....

#24013 - 09/17/02 12:32 PM Re: Is it just me...
CyberNerd Offline

Registered: 05/17/02
Posts: 189
Loc: Here
Well I go to a fairly decent school, and if its any consolation most everyone here is smart enough to get good grades and the ones that arent definitley have the capability to learn but chose not to due to drugs, and broken homes and shit. So if its any consolation they'll be in jail as soon as they graduate. Like CS said though about the bread companies many people see how i want to learn a programming language, web design, and basically as much as a can about computers people give me a funny look and as why? People do all that stuff for you, to them that is common sense why learn it if its done for you. They see no point in learning things outside of school cause it seems so obvious to them it will never be of any use, thats the attitude that scares me
Just because I dont care doesn't mean that I don't understand.
-Homer Simpson

#24014 - 09/17/02 09:41 PM Re: Is it just me...
Cold Sunn Offline

Registered: 03/03/02
Posts: 574
Loc: us
Well, i think there are different kinds of stupid. Stupid like doing dumbass things. Stupid like being ignorant. Stupid like not being able to understand things and learn. When giz said idiotic, it sounded more like doing dumbass things and being ignorant to me.

Hrm lack of common sense, I have alot of those moments. I think as we "advance" we have alot more to remember and think about. I think it only looks like alot of stuff gets easier, because we first make it more complicated. Like with phones, it made communication easier which is important, but then you have the numbers and plans and everything to remember. So maybe with all this extra stuff we think is so important, the other things don't get as much attention as they need to keep from being a dippy without common sense.


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