I had ordered from an online shoppe last night as I was looking for a hard disk to replace the one in my machine as it was desperately needed; while shopping around I found them in bulk for an incredibly low price and immediately processed an order...

The price I was given was from PriceGrabber.com for this online shoppe (name to be withheld for the time being) and it was incredible, I said to myself "I'll have to look into this place for all of my shopping from now on if these prices are this incredible on just this product alone!".

Just FYI, the pricing on their site 110% reflected the price on PriceGrabber.com, I have PDF's of the PriceGrabber.com listing, the full product information on their site, the checkout invoice, and the email sent to me confirming my order.

So, they take their money and I sit and wait for my online invoice, which was received promptly; so I figure cool, I can go to bed and my order should be processed in the morning...

Well, today comes along and I receive an email that their advertising was listed wrong and that the price on their website was as well and that my order had been canceled as they couldn't fulfill it for that price...

Can we say FALSE ADVERTISING anyone? If you list a product through advertising as one price, and on your site as the same price, but email the consumer later to state "you can't have this at this price" you are in turn not only being unethical but you're committing a crime.

Needless to say I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau of my state (Oregon) and theirs (California) as well as possibly pursuing legal action should this shoppe decide to not follow through on their original advertised price for this product. Additionally their URL and emails will be publicly displayed for any shopper who cares to search google and see our large amount of pages pushing this thread to the top of the search results list.
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