Well, I generally try to wait until Wednesday to roll out updates, but this one deserved some merit ahead of time as it effects all outward links on the main site...

I've been trying for some time to make it so we can track all outward links while linking to sites (for link performance tracking); well, after much trial and error I decided to just list the links directly to the tracker, which effected link referrals to clients and affiliates.

Well, after reading up a bit more and touching base on the issues I had before, I've successfully come up with a solution which will allow us to link directly to sites using the href attribute (standard links) and use javascript to provide the link tracking...

What does this mean to the average user? Nothing at all, unless we link to your site somewhere on the site (other than the forums).

What does this mean to our advertisers and affiliates? Well, our page ranking will actually affect your links now since we're directly referring you vs linking through a script to your site...

Granted it'll take some time for everything to be updated and trolled again by SE's, but everything is in place now as planned.

And for those code geeks, just go look at the source on the links page, you'll see how simple of a solution I ended up with (and Syntax will of coarse notice that I made yet another friggen php function).
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