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by Herbert_Sherbert
09/07/15 10:34 AM
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#4772 - 09/05/05 04:46 PM Re: "America's Tsunami" my ass
Girlie Offline
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Registered: 01/02/04
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Loc: In your dad's bed...
I'll tell you what, I never thought I'd say this, but I miss PA. Unless you don't speak English or are just plain white trash and plan to live off the system for the rest of your life you are SOL. When I went in to apply for medicaid the clerk at the desk thought I was a temp to fill in for the girl on maternity leave....that's how out of place I looked, apparenltly because I don't look like a complete scum bucket. Their advice to me btw was to sell my car that way I wouldn't have a car payment or insurance and I could afford to pay for health insurance....... can't pay for health insurance if I don't have a way to work, which is not within walking distance... Meanwhile, if you are "ESL" then you get everything handed to you no questions asked while they try to teach you how to speak English, and if you pretend to be too stupid to learn it after a year they give you SSI...
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!

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#4773 - 09/05/05 05:30 PM Re: "America's Tsunami" my ass
Infinite Offline

Registered: 03/09/02
Posts: 1041
Loc: Canada eh
Your big argument is this wasn't as bad as the Tsunami...there weren't as many deaths, but how can you compare which is worse. A loss of a human life is still a loss of a human life no matter how you look at it.
There was no where near the loss of life.
There wasn't as much damage done.
There wasn't as big an area affected.
There wasn't entire economies decimated.
It was somewhere that is easier accessable to aid faster (although you wouldn't know it).

Based on your statement an old man dying peacefully is the on the same scale as say the apocalypse. C'mon here. Loss if life is tragic no matter when, but this is loss of life somewhere on the order of 10 orders of magnitude greater.

You, like the media, need to get a grip on reality.

Remember, my whole point/arguement is that this ordeal is a pale comparison to what happened in Asia last year. How long it took your troops/supplies/leaders to get with it are moot.

It's a little unfair to blame everyone that resides in the entire country, and claim we are all stupid and un-evolved. As I said before, most of the "looters" weren't taking tv's...most of them were taking items neccesary for survival. There are a lot of people that immediately banned together to try and help the victims, no one was being allowed into the city...

Do I need to go on?

#4774 - 09/07/05 12:22 PM Re: "America's Tsunami" my ass
§intå× Offline


Registered: 12/03/02
Posts: 3255
Loc: Maryland
We are the spoiled brats of the world. I will agree with you here. It is simpley our culture. Greed, fast paced, get what you can while you can. Just look what we teach our children, Get it while you can. If they will let you... Your not trying unless you are cheating.

We have a culture of greed and spoiled brats. However, the majority of us are good compasionate people. It seems there are a few who either get the mic, or end up on the news. For one thing, in third world countries you do not have as many news reporters or power to accomidate that many. Here in the states... Yea, they flock in masses. Not saying they do not to international incedents. But just think of the business side of it. It costs you how much as a company to send ten reporters around the globe?

Now how much in the states? We tend to get better coverage. Next up, education. People who are educated are not placated as easily. The people in the Tsunami are told by thier government, it will be okay, many will belive thier government. People who are better versed in history know, many are going to be fucked. That there will be a lot of politics and cammera ops, then the story will die and funds will eventually run out.

People might tend to do something drastic if they feel they have nothing to loose. As a matter of fact that is the most dangerous person in the world. A Person with nothing to loose(this is of course perceptual) will do anything they feel it will cause them a gain. If you whish to destroy a person you allways leave them something to cling to. This will make them think about retailations as they might loose that.

Take it all away like the huricane in some peoples cases, What will you loose if you rob, rape, kill, loot? You might loose your freedom, but do you care right now?
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#4775 - 09/07/05 01:28 PM Re: "America's Tsunami" my ass
Artic Warrior Offline
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Registered: 11/12/03
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Loc: My room
Scary insight tax, one most people wouldn't admit too. I know I would say that I am far from one to become greedy if I had nothing to loose but I cant say that since I've always had something to loose and a dire situation like these disasters I have never experienced. I would hope that I and the majority would see the best brought out of us in circumstances such as the hurricane if something as devastating was to happen here in Auz. In the end though it really is just hope.
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#4776 - 09/07/05 02:22 PM Re: "America's Tsunami" my ass
§intå× Offline


Registered: 12/03/02
Posts: 3255
Loc: Maryland
Americans are high strung by nature. We have been feeding on a a feast of panic and disaster in the news since 9/11. We are also greedy by nature. Just look at our nations fat people, the size of our cars, our divorce rate due to cheating and money. Lets face it, we are brats. I think it all comes down it work/money in the end.

We eat fast food because we are lazy? Not really. Least I do not think so. I grab a Mclunch when I am on the go. It is quick and onveniant and I can make it to work on time. We in many cases are a dual income house hold nation wide now. Both Mommy and Daddy work. This leave junior with the baby siter and teaches them to purse the dollar. Remember kids learn by imitating. Don't belive me? Cuss infront of a young child learning to speak.

Then at work it is a rat race. So and so was promoted before so and so. Hey thats my parking spot, "FUCK YOU". Road rage increases nation wide because we are becoming more agressive and self consumed. A mind set like, "Don't they know I am in a hurry." Women are becoming more agressive in our country. More and more you hear about women in incidents of road rage and bar fights.

More and more women are seking power and money as 20 years ago not so much. Our diversety in many cases is causing stress. For eaxmple, it is some races culture to be loud and outspoken. Another race is quite and reserved as a whole. The 2 get together and they get on each others nerves. We do not have a single culture or social set of rules. Instead we have many conflicting social rules.

Children are taught to share and be polite and go home to mom and dad cussing at the cars next to them, to talking about "THAT ASS HOLE BOSS". Each generation seems to become a bit more consumed in self and less with thier neighbor.

As far as the Tsunami victems not looting and raping. Yea, I do not remember seeing near as much video of that story. I doubt there was as much coverage. That and this these were islands and a huge ass wave I doubt there was anything to loot. I actually doubt there was much there before the wave.

Our country has flaws in it's people, no doubt. But people, are people the whole world over. Any one is capable of anything given the right circumstances. Wana help minimize greed? Boycot corperate Christmass. You know where moms fight moms over toys, people cut down perfectly good trees to put in thier living room to better help burn thier house down. Oh and wall street uses the sales reports to determine what companies will do well in the future or are worth buying thier stock.

/me gets off soap box
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