A System to Enhance Security in Kerberos Authentication System: Kerberos is a solution to the network security problems.

Kerberos is a solution to the network security problems. It provides the tools of authentication and strong cryptography over the network to help us secure our information systems across the entire enterprise. In an open distributed computing environment (DCE), a workstation cannot be trusted to identify its users because the workstation may not be located in a well controlled environment and may be far away from the central server. A user can be an intruder who may try to attack the system or pretend to be someone else to extract information from the system, which he/she is not entitled to. In order to protect a system from being attacked by remote network hosts, a certain kind of authentication must be taken into account. Kerberos is a network authentication protocol. This paper aims to outline a general introduction to kerberos systems, gives a brief account of cryptography & steganography, elucidates the proposed algorithm, and illustrates how performance of kerberos systems can be enhanced using the proposed algorithm. This paper discusses only Kerberos version 4, the most popular, but also briefly explains the differences between version 4 and version 5, the latest.

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