I am out for some hockey training, I will be there for 3 weeks. I know for sure I will have email, unclear if can surf the web. Yet, I am not to worried, after all... this is UGN and I am sure I have some kind of school that can help me get what I want on computers there. I am just letting you know I'll be around checking up, just not as often... Yet Bor is here, he has as much knowledge as I do, if he doesn't know something... You can kill him <img border="0" alt="[Bang]" title="" src="graemlins/bang.gif" /> ... j/k he can try and seek me out or i'll seek him out like I always do lol. Final note is people try not to repeat threads or get off topic (as often, I admit bor and I will sometimes because some [censored] is funny). Have a good summer, happy *nixing, I'll be watching... mwahaha cough cough.

"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"