Personally I'm not a big fan of dell servers. The reason the are so cheap is because they use cheap hardware that tends to easily break under slightly strenuous conditions.

This box has no ps/2 for mouse or keyboard. Completely USB which sucks if you use linux the keyboard seemed to be supported under the 2.4 kernel though although I am still haveing problems getting it to work under 2.6. It has a dual core pentium which is awesome, probably the only redeemable value of this server. Also, 2 pci slots the rest pci-e 1 16x 1 8x and 1 4x.

A standard debian disk didn't have the proper modules to load the sata drives, So I had to use a disk from the debian dell project which doesnt specifically support the 430 yet but it had the modules to load the sata drives.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. Not linux friendly. It would be good for a high-end desktop, matter affact its close the the amd conterpart I have sitting on mine.