All you PERL people out there, this module kicks [censored]. Makes mass cisco device administration a breeze smile

And here's a very basic script to illistrate how simple this moldule is to use, and for your tesing enjoyment

#[censored] YOU STUPID SECURITY SCRIPT (replace with #! line)
#use strict;
use Net::Telnet::Cisco;
use Term::ReadKey

print "\nusername: ";
my $user = <STDIN>;
print "\nPassword: ";
my $pass = ReadLine(0);
print "\n\ndevice: ";
my $dev = <STDIN>;
print "\ncommand: ";
my $cmd = <STDIN>;
print "\nWorking...";

chomp ($user, $pass, $dev, $cmd);

my $cisco = Net::Telnet::Cisco->new(Host => "$dev");
$cisco->login("$user", "$pass");

my @output = $cisco->cmd($cmd);


print "\n\[email protected]\n";