This occurred while I was looking for victims in #hackers on DAL...

Session Start: Wed Jan 30 02:39:31 2002
Session Ident: A Chix0r (*Edited*)
[A Chix0r] u busy?
[Curse] umm...
[A Chix0r] hey
[A Chix0r] can u help me out.......please
[Curse] I guess, with what?
[A Chix0r] do u know if its possible to hack into hotmail?
[Curse] NEVER ask how to hack hotmail, and it probably is possible to hack it, but you have to think, Hotmail is one of the most popular email providers, so they are probably very secure because of having lots of hack attempts
[A Chix0r] i figured as see
[Curse] do you know what social engineering is?
[A Chix0r] nope...
[A Chix0r] sorry...what i was gonna say is that the reason i was asking is because...
[Curse] it's pretty much the real name of scamming, learn how to con people out of the info you want...
[A Chix0r] my boyfriend died 4 mths ago, and its his hotmail account i wanted to check...but i dont know his password
[A Chix0r] i can get asfar as his secret question...but i dont know the answer
[Curse] what is the secret question?
[A Chix0r] wat quarter
[A Chix0r] but i cant think of his answer...he used to smoke heroin so i think its relating to that
[A Chix0r] here in australia you buy like quarter of a gram for like $60
[Curse] *Edited*
[A Chix0r] so anyway gettin back to the hotmail think my chances of getting the passwords pretty unlikely huh
[A Chix0r] *Edited*
[A Chix0r] *Edited*
[Curse] not really, you have to have a prescription for it, which I have...
[A Chix0r] hey how old are 24
[Curse] well, I'm *Edited*, but I usually can pass for a *Edited* year old, lol
[A Chix0r] ****...****nn your young too be touching *Edited* man
[A Chix0r] ****!
[Curse] lol
[A Chix0r] i didnt touch it until last year, but i had to stop
[Curse] why did you stop?
[A Chix0r] out on bail
[A Chix0r] ut mines pretty serious
[Curse] what did you do?
[A Chix0r] ive been charged with murder
[A Chix0r] its a fuct story
[Curse] ah, and you out on bail?
[A Chix0r] well.....the judge that granted me bail saw that it seemed accidental...which it was
[A Chix0r] i lost my a freak and tragic accident
[Curse] ah, what happpend?
[A Chix0r] he threw a knife at me, and becoz he had cut me badly in the past, im petrified of knives
[A Chix0r] and i went down to pick it up and get it away,
[A Chix0r] and he saw me doing that and lunged at me and when i was coming up he came down...and i didnt evn know anything had happened.
[Curse] that's sad
[A Chix0r] its cool
Session Close: Wed Jan 30 03:57:20 2002