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#28952 - 03/17/02 10:04 AM Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
Snake Offline
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Snake  Offline
Junior Member

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
Now heres a little idea, just for a little load off and for a thing to laugh at and have a little fun.

<Crime> dude, your drinking sperm
<Imperial> no, I like it
* Imperial chugs

*** Skull is now known as Crime
<Crime> hows that?
-NickServ- Nickname Crime has been killed
*** Crime ([email protected]) Quit (Killed by NickServ (Ghosted by Crim3))

*** Dunceor is now known as Dunceor|Shower
* mtlhd follows dunceor
* Snake follows mtlhd

*** Now talking in #n3tmask
<Snake> alive now?
<Curse> yes
* Curse nudges ColdSunn, wake up hoe
* Snake kicks ColdSunn
<ColdSunn> yah?
<Curse> hi
<ColdSunn> Error in Explorer.exe m ***
<ColdSunn> my^
<Snake> lol
<Curse> grr... I hate that
<ColdSunn> yeah
<ColdSunn> I was using that too
<ColdSunn> I neecded it
<Curse> did your desktop disappear?
<Snake> lol
<Snake> that happens to me too
<Snake> stupid windows
<Snake> just use mirc to open up explorer.exe again
<Snake> but you comp might freeze
<Curse> they should make it legal for us to beat Bill Gates everytime our puter crash
<Snake> lol
<Snake> yeah
<Curse> smile
<Snake> man
<ColdSunn> lol
<ColdSunn> he would die within the hour it is passed
<Snake> they should make it legal that he should pay us a dollar everytime it crashed
<ColdSunn> lol
<Snake> we would be rich mother ****ers
<ColdSunn> oh yeah
<Curse> ****, I would beat him ten minutes before the law was passed...
<ColdSunn> lol
* Snake adds "Bill Gates" to assassination list right under "Osama Bin Laden"
<ColdSunn> lol
* ColdSunn adds Bill Gates above bin Laden
<Snake> lol
<Curse> maybe we could get Osama to crash a plane into Gates's house...
<ColdSunn> lol
<Snake> lol
<Snake> ahaha
<ColdSunn> that would be something he wouldn't expect
<ColdSunn> a plane crash
<Snake> lol
<Snake> or... we should hax0r his comp
<ColdSunn> have him crash into his Window
<Snake> lo
<Snake> l
<ColdSunn> no, all of his Windows
<Curse> too bad Charles Bishop isn't still alive...
<ColdSunn> who?
<Snake> we'll drop a bomb on his house, and on the side of the bomb will be the words "ctrl+alt+del"
<ColdSunn> lol
<ColdSunn> hahaha
<ColdSunn> omg that is great
<Snake> we will end his ****ing task
<Snake> stupid bill
<Curse> Charles Bishop, is that kid who crashed his plane into a bank and damaged two windows and a desk, plus he didn't even kill any ****...
<Snake> we will end his task with a ctrl+alt+del bomb
<Curse> smile
<Snake> Charles Bishop is a ****ing idiot
<Curse> yes
<Snake> he thought that he would knock down the building
<Snake> what i **** hole
<ColdSunn> lol
<Snake> i ****ing laughed my head off when i saw it on tv
<Curse> me too
<ColdSunn> that guy that crashed into a building in a little one person tin can?
<Curse> I wanna kick his *** ...
<ColdSunn> like a few days ago?
<Curse> yeah
<ColdSunn> haha
<ColdSunn> I saw that and said, "Oh, so I guess this has to be binladen's fault" in a sarcastic tone, then kept channel surfing
<Snake> hold a sec
<Snake> i have to log this convo

<Snake> choose the speed
<Snake> and see the price
<Snake> now please excuse me while i stare at this computer
* Snake drools
* Imperial stares
* Imperial puts his dick in his cd-rom
* Imperial opens and closes
<Snake> lol
<Imperial> that might hurt...I'll give someone a dollar to try it
* Snake stick his dick in the usb port and turns the power on and off
<Snake> lol only a dollar

DARK J3S73R: DARK J3S73R: soo, whats up ?
PredatorDelToro: beeing bored
DARK J3S73R: you need a hobby
DARK J3S73R: try jerking off, or ******* people
DARK J3S73R: they take alot of free time up
PredatorDelToro: hmz
DARK J3S73R: ask gizzy
DARK J3S73R: he will tell you
PredatorDelToro: lol
DARK J3S73R: hes all about that jerking off ****, hes gets into it
PredatorDelToro: rofl
DARK J3S73R: thats what that UGN meeting is all about
DARK J3S73R: lol
PredatorDelToro: haha
DARK J3S73R: its like - jerking off, watching gizzy jerk off, helping gizzy jerkoff, doing gizzy's yard work
DARK J3S73R: thats why im not going
PredatorDelToro: haha roflmao
DARK J3S73R: lol
PredatorDelToro: well you won't see me over there
DARK J3S73R: lol
DARK J3S73R: na you will be there
DARK J3S73R: its like "GET INTO IT PRED !"
PredatorDelToro: nope i won't
DARK J3S73R: you will have to scream at gizzy in german
DARK J3S73R: it will be sick
DARK J3S73R: fag
DARK J3S73R: fags*
DARK J3S73R: lmao
PredatorDelToro: hmz
PredatorDelToro: scream at gizzy in german?
DARK J3S73R: lmao
DARK J3S73R: shh

Now add all the funny logs you have and eventualy ill put them on a "UGN best moments" page.

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#28953 - 03/17/02 11:50 AM Re: Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 19
SyStem CRASH Offline
Junior Member
SyStem CRASH  Offline
Junior Member

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 19
Does anybody ever wonder what others on #undergroundnews get up to?

This is what SilentRage gets up to...

<SilentRage> hello!
<undergroundnews> **** off...
<SilentRage> That wasn't very nice!
<undergroundnews> STOP private messaging me, you little ****!
<SilentRage> why?
<undergroundnews> Duh... I am a bot!
<SilentRage> oh, sorry I didn't know!
<undergroundnews> You didn't know? You do this every day!

Or what about the time he was arguing with ChanServ and NickServ...


#28954 - 03/18/02 04:38 AM Re: Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
Snake Offline
Junior Member
Snake  Offline
Junior Member

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
heh, thats the kind of **** im looking for. anything for a laugh, infact start emailing themt o me at [email protected] so you dont spoil it for others, cause theres no point in putting them on my website if everyones seen them smirk

#28955 - 03/18/02 08:28 PM Re: Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 599
BackSlash Offline
UGN's Resident Homo
BackSlash  Offline
UGN's Resident Homo

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 599
if you wanna see my fav. conversation check out the topic called "Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG " in the off topic section. that should defenitly make your list of the best.


"It's better to burn out, than to fade away."
#28956 - 03/19/02 06:35 AM Re: Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
Snake Offline
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Snake  Offline
Junior Member

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
BTW, Guest113 and n00b are the same person and they are fake, he isnt a real newbie, its just one of our freinds here at ugn playing a trick heh, he told me, but i wont reveal his name, but he can if he wants to.

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#28957 - 03/19/02 07:31 PM Re: Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 860
unreal Offline
Der ‹beltšter
unreal  Offline
Der ‹beltšter

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 860
Likes: 1
Aaaaaactually, the first Guest113 (AntiAol) was completely real. It was the second Guest113 (with the hostname *.de), which turned out to be n00b, that was fake...and yes, that was me. lol

#28958 - 03/20/02 02:44 AM Re: Time for some fun  
Joined: Mar 2002
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Crime Offline
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Joined: Mar 2002
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SC, usa
DARK J3S73R: ololololololololow
DARK J3S73R: omfg, i was just there !
DARK J3S73R: looking at the same thing
olosoft: eh?
olosoft: omg
olosoft: really?
DARK J3S73R: no
DARK J3S73R: lol
olosoft: oh
DARK J3S73R: lmao
DARK J3S73R: loser
DARK J3S73R: :p

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