The files compromised include encrypted passwords used by students and employees to access basic services like email. But, those passwords are issued as that individuals social security number... and stays that way unless it is changed.

JCC Information Technology Director, Jim Jones says they recommended people change those passwords... which greatly decreases the chances of their personal info being hacked. But, he also says that the hackers may have been able to access other areas which also lead to a persons social security number.

Since the hack was found, Jones and other IT staff have completed an upgrade of the college firewall protection... an upgrade which was 90 percent complete before the breach on Wednesday.

They are also in the process of issuing new complex passwords (at least 8 digits with upper and lower case letters) which, again, decreases the likelihood of someone losing their personal info.

If you think you're personal information may be at risk due to this hack and are worried about identity theft, go online to the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft webpage at You can also call the Jackson Community College Information Technology department at 517-796-8639.