I didn't post in a while because I was just waiting for something interesting to share with you guys. It happened the other night so here's the complete story :

One of my friend and I went into a little trashing session to one of the 'computers complex' of the city. We went there because we knew they dumped old computers / servers so we figured to just give it a try. As we walked by the building, two janitors were outside carrying a box and shout at us so we just turned around and walked away. So, as we were walking in that plain between the 'objective' and the street, that security guy car just passed by so we proned (yeh, military style) and he didn't noticed us.

Then, we thought we might just go around the building and find another way to that dumpster. As we did, going by some risky places through the neighbors. Anyway, we finally arrived near the dumpster but that security car guy just went by us and shout something like 'get the [censored] outta there' (as we where hiding behind it, heh)

So, we got out and he asked kindly to just leave the place. We said 'ok' and just went by the road to the complex exit. Then the guy followed us and asked what we were really doing there. My friend (who was a little drunk) explained to him that we were looking for old computers in the dumpster and debated with the guy either it was illegal or not because those were governmental buildings.

Anyway, the guy was like 'who cares' and he just told my friend to call him each Friday before 9 pm (janitors are trashing their stuff at this time) so we can pass by and get the old computers from the oh-so-big-dumpster.

We learned a good moral out of this : 'Talk before you swear'

That was my story, hope you enjoyed it.