Thanksgiving-Flavored Pop May Cure Your Appetite View Video of the Thanksgiving-Flavored Pop May Cure Your Appetite story
Published Date: 11-11-2004 11:24 PM
In the junk drawer just in time for thanksgiving, the Seattle company that brought us ``turkey and gravy soda" last thanksgiving is back with all the trimmings. In addition to the traditional ``turkey and gravy, " Jones soda is selling seasonal bottles of ``mashed potato" flavored pop, ``green bean casserole" pop, ``fruitcake pop and ``cranberry" pop. The company says the cranberry soda isn't bad, but does admit the other flavors are turning stomachs. The five bottle packs of the sodas will sell in target and other stores for about 17 dollars. Some of the proceeds benefit toys for tots.


Their website ( is sold out, but do not fear, you can buy it for $30+ on Ebay! Here

Hey, it's calorie free...that's an incentive heh.

So, I read that they are selling it in D.C., so I think Spanky should hook us all up. heh wink laugh

boys lie.

No we do not!!!!