Shane Pitman, 31, the alleged leader of software piracy group Razor1911 has been sentenced to 18 months prison for conspiring to violate copyright laws. Razor1911 was well known for pirating popular games for both the PC and console systems.

US Attorney Paul McNulty released a statement saying that "Shane Pitman's conviction and sentence should send a strong message to organised internet gangs like Razor1911 that stealing and illegally distributing game software online is not a game".

Pitman was one of 40 people netted worldwide in Operation Buccaneer which targeted organised piracy groups like Razor1911, RTS, RiSC, RiSCISO, DrinkOrDie, WLW, POPZ and SRM. Pitman is the 22nd person convicted as a result of the operation.,4057,6567363^15319,00.html