NetScreen Technologies Inc. on Monday unveiled its new ISG 2000, a multifunction security appliance based on the newest version of the company's ASIC. The box also includes support for intrusion-detection and prevention technologies.

The introduction of the new appliance makes clear that officials at NetScreen, which was acquired earlier this year by Juniper Networks Inc., do not plan to sit back and count their money while the market passes the company by. The ISG 2000 is aimed primarily at large enterprises, data centers and carriers and has performance numbers and features appropriate for those buyers.

The box can handle 2G-bps of firewall throughput and 1G-bps of IP Security VPN traffic. There's also enough processing power to handle 10,000 simultaneous VPN tunnels and 512,000 concurrent sessions. All of this is done through the use of the company's fourth-generation ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit), known as the GigaScreen3. The chip is programmable and can perform gigabit-speed Advanced Encryption Standard and triple-Data Encryption Standard encryption operations.

The ISG 2000 also includes denial-of-service protection and load-balancing capabilities that allow it to spread sessions among as many as three separate security modules. Each of these modules has dual-GHz CPUs.

NetScreen, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has built the ISG 2000 with an architecture that allows the company to update the box with more security features in the future without having to replace the appliance itself.

The new appliance is available now.

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