We're requesting that every member send in a brief bio on yourself as well as a personal photo to assist UGN Security in being the largest (or hopefully close to) community of mug's on the Infopop contest .

Please send your bio (a little tidbit about yourself), a picture (real and non-naughty) to [email protected], please also include that you're a member of UGN Security (include the URL as well).

Winner of this contest will recieve a $200 Amazon gift certificate which we'll probably end up spending on IceMyst and my baby registry that we've had up forever ( link ).

To all those interested, again the email is [email protected] and the required info is:
-- At least one digital picture (the higher quality the better)
-- Person's Name: must provide real name, but tell us how you want your name displayed (full name, just first name, name displayed in the community, etc.)
-- Community Name and URL
-- Person's Role at the Community (owner, admin, member, etc.)
-- Location of the person (city, state, country)
-- A small quote about the community, a blerb perhaps on what made you come to and what made you stay at UGN Security

You can read more about this contest at Infopop (infopop is the creators of our forum (BBS) software, any photos used on their site will be used for showing the "people behind the sites using the products"; please note that you can indicate how you'd like to have your name shown on their site (i don't believe that they will display your email address, be sure to request that they don't); I'd prefer it if your name format that you submit be your nickname here but it's entirely up to you all who submit).

The contest ends on April 20th (i'm pretty sure about half of you will be doing something other than sending photos out on April 20th) so please get them in ASAP if you'd like to help!

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