Google File Storage - Codenamed "Platypus" (GDrive)

Speculation of Google's free file storage system labeled "GDrive" has been abundant for months. However, a discovery by a curious blogger suggests Google's GDrive is definitely getting closer to reality.

The blogger uncovered the code for the new file storage system - codenamed "Platypus (GDrive)". Based on the webpage containing the GDrive plans, it would appear the new service will be available for Macs and Linux machines, as well as PCs.

Users will be able to download an application which will allow them to store files and upload them to a secure server. The webpage provided details of the service offerings including the following feature list:

All files uploaded to the GDrive will be routinely backed, so that hardware failures won't necessary lead to a loss of data or information. Simply download the application on a new machine and your data will be available again.

Similar to other portable devices that you might synchronize with your computer, GDrive is designed to automatically update when you connect to the net, even if you are running different operating systems.

Secure Web Access
If you find yourself in a position where you don't have access to your Google ready computer, then you can access all your files via a secure website.

Collaborate with Others
The ability to create shared workspaces will help make GDrive a great tool for companies. Such workspaces will allow multiple users to write/save and read from a common location.

So with a strong feature set planned for the new GDrive service, Google has laid the gauntlet down to all the other company's looking to establish themselves in the file and data storage market. And rest assured there are many. Microsoft announced its plans for "Live Drive" back in April and Amazon has been talking about S3, which would appear to be more focused on the commercial market.

Currently no dates have been set for GDrive's launch, but the level of interest in the file storage market, the pressure is on for Google to release its new service ahead of the pack.


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